Noteworthy Productions - Company Info

Artist representation

We assist our artists in developing materials, finding bookings, planning careers, publicizing gigs and maximizing opportunities. For information about our artists, see the Artists Section.

Event Planning

& Concert Production

We have produced concerts in venues up to 2500 seats and stage managed shows in 13K arenas.


Quote and interview from The Concert Book by Jim Hollan

Publicity for Special Events

In addition to assisting with publicity of our artist's dates, we also provide these same services for events.


Promotional Material Design

We work closely with artists to insure that your materials are unique, memorable and consistent with the overall image that you wish to project.


Marketing Consultation

We are available to do one-on-one consultations on developing materials or putting together a marketing plan. We have participated in panel presentations on a variety of such topics which will give you an idea of the areas we cover.


Contact Information

Various means of getting in touch with us.