Seamus Kennedy
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Seamus "In every dealing that I have had with Mr. Kennedy, he has been indeed fabulous. My highest recommendation is provided."
~ Kimberley M. Foltz, U.S. Army War College, Carlisle, PA   (.pdf)
"Kennedy's CDs are a wonder! They are filled with jokes in between tracks, interaction from the audience, and above all just good clean fun. Some of the songs are themselves filled with hilarity, others are actually somber; no matter which, they are entertaining and sung from the heart with love. This is a man who would be worth travelling to see in concert, even if he was halfway round the world."
~ Naomi De Bruyn, Green Man Review   (.pdf)
"When he sang "The Town I Love So Well", he owned everybody in the room."
~ Tony Hynes, Fir Dóiteán   (.pdf)
"The man with the soft, lilting Irish brogue takes the stage and greets the crowd with a happy-to-see-you smile that could light the sky... He sings with the strong voice of an Irish balladeer and tells stories and jokes that make the crowd rock with laughter.. His quick wit tailors itself to the audience and his vast store of songs keeps the crowd happy."
~ S.J. Pearson, Anchorage Times   (.pdf)
"Seamus Kennedy's music is a gleefully mixed bag of styles and traditions....An enjoyably eclectic and often surprising collection."
~ Richard Middleton, Sing Out!   (.pdf)
"A friend once told me that if you look up the "world's funniest man" in the dictionary, they have a picture of Seamus Kennedy! Well that may be true but there's more then humor to a Seamus Kennedy show. There is a deep respect for heritage and culture, even when it is often delivered through irreverent humor. His stories and his songs all have an underlying thread of love and respect for Irish and American culture and for life's lessons. That underlying thread and his "honed to perfection" music and humor skills have made Seamus Kennedy a maestro among Irish troubadours."
~ Jed Marum, The Ceili   (.pdf)
Seamus "And while I am writing, I'd just like to add
That the very most rollicking fun that we had
Was the all-too-few minutes we happily spent
With the crowd that filled up Seamus Kennedy's tent."
~ Carol of Dallas, TX, Ode to North Texas Irish Festival   (.pdf)
"Pay The Reckoning's verdict after listening to A Smile And A Tear is that he falls into the entertainer camp, yet approaches his material with the sensitivities of an artist."
~ Aidan Crossey, Pay the Reckoning   (.pdf)
"This guy is hilarious. His antics alone could entertain an audience for the evening. That's not to say he's not a good musician. Kennedy's strong in both song and instrument with a repertoire of tunes that never seems to end."
~ Kimberly Harsch, Muskegon Chronicle   (.pdf)
"His rapport with the crowd provides entertainment above and beyond that of a normal singer."
~ Irish Insider, Rochester, NY
"Seamus Kennedy's Goodwill To Men [Christmas album] will knock the socks off your mantle."
~ Mike Miller, Tune-up (Philadelphia Folk Song Society)   (.pdf)
"Those blessed (cursed?) with the fickle, perpetually snot-ridden ball of energy that is a pre-school kid will instantly recognize the value of this collection of daft kid's songs [Gets on Everybody's Nerves]."
~ Aidan Crossey, Pay the Reckoning   (.pdf)